School Arrival/Dismissal Information

Morning Arrival and Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the Cafeteria at 7:30 am-7:55 am for students in grades K-5th. Pre-K is served in their respective classrooms.  All students are to report to their designated arrival areas.


Grade             Morning Arrival Procedure

Pre K              Go directly to classroom (enter school via Lex. Ave. entrance)

K                    Go directly to the classroom (enter school via Lex. Ave. entrance)

1-2                  Go directly to the cafeteria (enter school via Lex. Ave. entrance)

3-5                  Auditorium (enter school via Third Avenue entrance)


Dismissal Procedures

All students must be picked up promptly at dismissal time. Only adults authorized on the blue emergency cards will be allowed to pick up a student.  If you have an emergency, please call the school and let us know you will be late. Any students with a pattern of late pickups will be reported to the Principal.


Students will be dismissed promptly from school at the times indicated below:

Grade Days Time
PK Monday -Wednesday 2:15 pm from classroom
K Monday – Friday 2:20 pm from classroom
1st Monday – Friday 2:20 pm from Kindergarten yard
2nd – 5th Monday – Friday 2:20 pm from outer court yard

Please inform the classroom teacher, in writing, if your child will attend an after-school program this year. Any child attending an after-school program will be escorted to the designated pick up area by the after-school personnel. There will be no after-school programs at PS 198 on 1/2 days.   Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up at 11:30 am on these days.


Early Release from School

The school discourages releasing the students from school during the instructional day.  Parents are strongly encouraged to make doctors’ appointments during times that the child is not at school.   Please be mindful that a pattern of early release requests are noted and may impact the academic achievement of your child (ren).


Any parent, who requests that a child be released from school early should arrive at the Main Office and request that the child is sent downstairs for early pick up.  The parent is required to sign the child out from school in the Main Office.  Please see suggestions to ensure that your child is ready at the time of early release.


  • Only those persons on the Blue Emergency Card have your authority to pick up your child from school as an early release.


  • In the event that you have assigned someone else, kindly call the school and provide us with a written letter with your signature authorizing the person to pick up your child from school early. The person must be over 18 years of age and have a picture ID with an address on it. 


  • Have your child give the letter to his/her teacher to ensure that the child is ready at the time of your request.


  • Please be mindful of the daily lunch and teacher prep schedule (for example- Gym, Art) and how it may impact the early release of your child (ren).  Teachers, who are not given prior written notice, will be unavailable during lunch and/or prep period.  This will cause a delay in providing your child with his/her personal belongings and requires the custodial staff’s availability to open the classroom for your child.

Refer to the school calendar for additional details.


Other Rules and Procedures

Security Basics: Every parent or visitor who enters the building must do so through our main entrance between 2nd and 3rd Avenues on 95th Street. To safeguard all our children, everyone must present a valid ID to the school guard and must sign in at the guard’s desk. Thank you in advance for your respectful cooperation!