Middle School Admissions and Information

The middle school admissions process aims to provide students with the opportunity to choose a middle school that suits their interests and needs. All students are encouraged to submit an application indicating their middle school preferences. Students are eligible to apply to middle school in the district where they are zoned for middle school, and, when different, the district where they attend elementary school. There are also borough-wide and citywide options. Please consult the middle school directories (links below) for district-specific information and to find out more about your options. The middle school admissions timeline is the same regardless of your district.

Middle School Admissions Update
The  middle school process calendar is available here. Check this website for updates.Middle School Directories

The  Middle School Directories (for students entering middle school in September ) and translations are available here.

The Directories provide detailed information about the middle school admissions process, program options, admissions priorities, and selection criteria.

About Middle School Admissions

  • Download the middle school admissions overview to learn more about middle school admissions. Translations are available here.
  • Visit the glossary to learn more about middle school admissions.
  • Check out the Calendar and Events page to plan ahead for the upcoming enrollment period.
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Students with Disabilities
For more information about special education services, visit the Special Education page

For more information on the middle school admissions process, please contact Mrs. Harvazinski.