Fall 2015 Afterschool Classes–Currently Open

SCI-TECH KIDS (grades K-2)
9/28/15 – 1/11/16
* $770

From dismissal (2:15 PM -2:20 PM) until 3:30 PM   

SciTech Adventurers explore science, technology, engineering and math as they engage in hands-on activities and practices that scientists and engineers use to investigate the world around them. Each week, children are introduced to a STEM topic and do a hands-on activity that builds on their natural curiosity and problem-solving skills as they apply scientific concepts. Some of the themes include the digestive system, photosynthesis, wind power, earthquakes, hydroponics, hovercrafts, sound and robotics.

All classes include snack, instruction and materials.


Chess (grades K-5)

10/1/15-1/21/16  * $208

From dismissal (2:15 PM-2:20 PM) until 3:30  PM   

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NYChessKids is one of the largest youth community based, and family oriented chess programs in NYC. Our mission is to spread the love of the game as well as develop a child’s mind with advanced logistical gaming skills. Our programs embark the children in a life-changing journey all year long. Information about the Chess Team will be distributed after the program has started.

(grades K-2, 3-5)

10/1/15 – 1/21/16  

$375 for Early or Late Class; $525 for combined classes

Click here  to register for one of the following options:
  • Early Class: From dismissal (2:20 PM) until 3:30  PM
  • Late Class: From 3:30 PM- 5:00 PM
  • Combined Class: From dismissal (2:20 PM) through 5:00PM  (Get a discount on the combined class.)

GYM SUPER SPORTS Children will be in sports heaven in the gym where they can Play Soccer, Basketball, Football, Kickball, Baseball, Dodgeball, Gaga and more each Thursday afternoon. THIS PROGRAM IS RIGHT IN THE GYM AT PS 198 – WE BRING YOUR CHILD TO THE GYM. THEY WILL SLEEP WELL THURSDAY NIGHTS! All athletics include a “skills, Drills & thrills” program at PS 198. Each afternoon children play and learn 2-3 fundamentals followed by games to show immediate improvement.

Choir with Ms. Fisk (grades 1 – 3)
10/2/15-1/22/16 * $375
No class 11/27, 12/25 and 1/1) 

From dismissal 2:20 PM – 3:30 PM
 Join Ms. Fisk as she teaches students to sing and perform various songs. At the end of the semester, there will be an informal performance. To sign up, please click here or email pta@ps198m.org.