Curriculum Overview


For Grades K-2, we have implemented the Core Knowledge Language Arts Program. This program is fully funded and supported by the NYC Department of Education as it aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Core Knowledge is broken into two strands: 1) Skills – teaches reading and writing in tandem, and 2) Listening & Learning – comprised of teacher read-alouds, class discussions, vocabulary work, and extension activities.

For 3-5, we have implemented  Expeditionary Learning’s (EL) English Language Arts and Literacy Curricula. This program is also fully funded by the NYC Department of Education as it represents the highest quality Common Core aligned curriculum materials currently available. The curricula includes 6 modules that focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking in response to high-quality texts.

More information on both of these programs can be found on the EngageNY web site.


The Go Math program has been implemented at PS198M for all grades (K-5). This program is fully funded and supported by the NYC Department of Education, and has been approved by the state of NY as one of only a few math programs designed to address the Common Core Standards.

Go Math follows a logical scope and sequence that allows teachers and students to more deeply engage with less content for a longer period of time. This philosophy, aligned to the Singapore method of teaching mathematics, ensures students achieve mastery before moving on to other areas of the curriculum.

Go Math contains many interactive activities that involve technology, collaborative learning, and enrichment. Teachers are able to provide differentiated instruction during the lesson to maximize the success of all learners.

Go Math content can be downloaded online from here.