Blue Emergency Information Card

All students will be given a Blue Emergency Information Card.  Please fill it out completely and return it to school immediately.  It is extremely important that a parent/guardian provides a working telephone number in case of emergencies.  Your Blue Emergency Card should be updated as soon as any contact information changes. It is a good idea to label your child/ren’s belongings and place an emergency telephone index card with correct working telephone numbers as well in your child’s backpack

Please Note:

  • Students will ONLY be released from school to adults who are named on the blue card and are at least 18 years of age.
  • You MUST update your child’s Blue Card when any information changes.
  • No one, including parents, may withdraw a student from school, line up, lunchroom or classroom without authorization from the Main Office. This is to protect the safety of your child.
  •  If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, please drop him/her a note and they will get back to you with an appointment date. It is not appropriate to take instructional time away from the children during arrival time to talk to your child’s teacher. You must have an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss matters related to your child’s education.
  • Parents MUST report to the Main Office to sign out a child from school. The student will then be called to the Main Office for dismissal. Please note that early pickup from school negatively impact your child’s learning experience. In addition, early pickup is marked on the students’ official attendance record. Please try to limit early pickups to emergency situations only.
  • Please indicate any persons that should not have contact with your child on the blue emergency card.
  •  It is important for parents to communicate with the school any information regarding “Orders of Protection.”  Pictures of those restricted from contact with your child will be placed on the back of the Blue Information Emergency cards and the safety officer will be informed. Please update this important information as needed.