Thank you for supporting International Night 2017!

PS 198 and PS 77  Thank You for supporting our Fifth Annual

Thank you to everyone who supported this amazing community event!

Thank you for donating food, drinks, and supplies!

Thank you for volunteering your time!
Thank you for your talented performances!
Thank you for attending!
We have a very special community at our school,
global and rich in its diversity, generous and kind in nature,
and welcoming to all.

Nowhere is this more beautifully on display than at our annual International Night!

We are especially grateful to our sponsors and volunteers
who donated their time and talent and
poured all their energy into offering hundreds of children
the opportunity to experience food, crafts, and traditions
from around the globe!
And a very special thank you to this year’s organizers!
Natasha Nicolaides (PS 198) and Rebecca Kim (PS 77)
Planning an event of this scale is truly a labor of love,
paid only in the joy of seeing so many happy children
who were able to ‘travel the world’ in one very special evening!
On behalf of everyone: thank you, Natasha and Rebecca!
Congratulations to our International Night Raffle Winners!
Georgia Burger (PS 198):  “EXPLORE”
Erin Kromann (PS 198):  “EXPERIENCE”
Susan Switzer  (PS 77): “ENGAGE”
Ava Smith (PS 77): “EXPRESS”
Nancy Yates  (PS 77):  “JOURNEY”
Juana Lanzo (PS 198): “TASTE”
For a copy of our program booklet, including a list of this year’s sponsors, performers,
and activities, click here for program!
Have a photo from International Night that you are willing to share?

Have a family recipe you are willing to submit for our International Recipe Book?
Please send to us at

We look forward to travelling with you again next year!