First Day of School Arrival Procedures

On the first day only,

ALLstudents will enter via the 95th Street/Lexington Avenue entrance. All parents will be permitted to walk their child to class if they choose.

Promptly at 8:00am, children will be led inside by grade level, with Pre-K and Kindergarten entering last. Families should look for staff holding grade specific signs, line up accordingly, and use the staircase that will be identified specifically for each grade.  This will reduce unnecessary traffic on the stairs. Parents are not required to escort their child inside but should remain with them until they have safely entered the building. Parents will be expected to leave their child at the door of the classroom after greeting the teacher.

Families will NOT be permitted to enter the school before 8:00am. Staff will be available to help families who are unsure of their child’s class assignment. As a reminder, as enrollment changes throughout the summer, adjustments to class assignments can be made.

We are fortunate this year to only require the use of first and second floor classrooms. Any fifth graders assigned to M1 have been relocated to room 225. Students assigned to M39 should now report to room 229.

The first day of school tends to bring “big” feelings for both children and parents. Following procedures will help to ensure a calm, smooth arrival, and a successful first day for everyone. We appreciate your cooperation. See you on September 8th!