Storybook Character Parade on 10/30

On Friday, October 30th, PS 198 and PS 77 will come together once again for Storybook Character Day. Parents are invited to celebrate and enjoy this day with us. 

Students and teachers may dress as a character from a book and bring the book to school. You have the option to choose to dress in representation of a new vocabulary word. For example, to introduce the word hirsute a child may wear a gorilla costume or a shaggy wig. For this option we ask that the word label is included somewhere on the costume.

The following costume props are not allowed: masks, swords, knives or other form of a weapon.

Parents may enter the large playground and stand around the fence. At 8:45AM and beginning with the Pre-K students, classes will come out to the large playground and parade their costumes and books. All other students will follow in sequential grade order.

If there is inclement weather, the children will celebrate in their classrooms.