Pasta Fundraiser


This week you received a catalog for our brand new pasta fundraiser. This is how it works:

Option #1: Return the Collection Envelope to school

Brochure order forms: Our school can earn 50% from brochure order forms, and there’s no shipping charge to you! Pasta will be delivered and distributed from school.

What do you return to us?

SEND the envelope and money, making sure to include the following:
your child’s name and class
totals of each item being ordered
total amount enclosed
cash or checks written to “PS 198M PTA”
KEEP the order form so you’ll know how to distribute your pasta

When is it due?

Collection envelopes are due back on Monday, Oct. 19th

Option #2: Order online

Online orders: PS 198 earns 40% from online orders, and it’s quick and easy to order online. Orders over $50 ship for free! Share the link
by email, facebook, twitter, or whatever social media you enjoy!

When is it due?

Our online order page stays open until Oct. 31st!


Thank you for supporting PS 198 with your orders!

~Your PS 198M PTA