October Letter from the Principal

Dear PS198 Families,

Last Friday’s PTA meeting in the Media Lab was well attended by teachers and parents. Remember, If you are a parent or teacher at PS198, then you are automatically a member of the PTA. Greater and consistent attendance will inspire ideas and active support so that we can have a fruitful and exciting school year.

Our first Family Friday was also well attended. Every month, teachers on each grade will decide on the lesson that they will schedule at that period so that by the end of the school year you will have seen a lesson in every content area that is taught. Family Fridays may also include celebrations of completed individual and/or end of a unit group projects. Remember to give a look to the bulletin boards inside and out of the classrooms. Bulletin boards include the Common Core Learning standard addressed in the activity.

We want to know everything that will help us understand your child so that while they are with us we can keep them safe, happy and learning. At Curriculum Night, the teachers shared all other appropriate forms of keeping the communication channels open and flowing throughout the school year. Every Tuesday from 2:20 to 3:00PM offers parents an opportunity to meet with a teacher during Parent Engagement Time.

Establishing good student habits for being prepared for school each day like getting 12 to 10 hours of sleep every night and having a good breakfast every morning will help to create optimal conditions for learning. We also need every child to be in school every day and on time! If your child does not like eating soon after waking up, remember that every NYC public school offers children a free balanced breakfast. Cafeteria doors open at 7:30AM.

Creating a schedule for completing homework assignments, having dinner, free play time, and then getting ready for bed will make the rest of the year run smoother, especially when you are consistent. Every teacher also continues to focus on and review routines for creating effective and efficient student habits. Their goal is to eventually watch this happen without any prompting. Our collective efforts will help to ensure that the children are prepared to attend and graduate from college, lead a responsible, successful and happy adult life. Preparation for achievement begins in their early years.

At the beginning of the school year teachers are looking at and analyzing past and current assessment results. The data helps them create lesson plans that will intellectually engage all students and/or provide interventions that will ensure success. Teachers create small groups or work with students one on one to support the learning and accelerate the intended progress. Throughout the year, they look at student work and make all necessary adjustments so that efforts are applied where they will reap the most results. During our first Parent Teacher Conferences in November, results of these assessments and the plan of action will be the focus of the conference. As presented at the PTA meeting, engaging all students intellectually will be our school wide instructional focus this year.

Please note that your child’s classroom teacher should always be the first person who you consult for all matters related to your child. They will work with you and, when necessary, direct you to an expert within the school for additional support.

Thank you.

Nancy Cabrero