A Message from Phil

Hello my wonderful families!

As the dust settles from the end of the school year, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all.

We had a very successful year.

Quickly, here is a list of our accomplishments:

  • new office
  • new event – Halloween Party
  • new “healthy” menu
  • landscaping inner-courtyard
  • new website
  • new “weekly” email
  • new record at Spring Auction ($30k)
  • new record in the Annual Fund ($52k) 

That above….is amazing!

The PTA’s success is directly tied to you and your contributions; in money and time.

In June we reached a point in our Annual Fund so that we will be able to help ALL five of our specialist teachers (Art, Music, Science, Gym & Technology). Each of them, for the very FIRST time, will be given a budget of $2k each!  

By helping enrich our specialists’ curriculum, we will be enriching our students even further.


Now my PTA/EB TEAM can’t go unforgotten in all this. Between them and our dedicated volunteers, this year has been a joy in hitting new strides.

I also want to take a moment and say thank you to Don Malter for helping this past year as President and to introduce you all to Knar Sokola who will be taking his place.

Knar has been with us a few years and has been the mastermind of the Spring Carnival and International Night and so I’m very excited to have her on board.

Well my friends, that is all.

I wish you a wonderful summer.

In a few weeks, we will start the PTA gears again for this coming year. So be on the lookout….;)



A Message on behalf of Assistant Principal Anthony Bambrola

Dear PS 198 Families,

It is with mixed feelings that I write to you all, the PS 198 community of families, to share the news that I will not be returning to PS 198 this coming September.

I have been offered an Assistant Principal position in the City School District of New Rochelle, of which I have chosen to accept, with the blessing of my wife and family. As you might imagine, it has been a very emotional process for me in making this decision, as I have been able to call PS 198 home for eleven years. My heart is here.

I am so proud of our growth over the last few years and the positive trajectory that PS 198 continues to maintain. And this work continues with an incredible staff of personnel and teachers, of which I cannot put into words the inspiration they provide me every day.

I want to thank each one of you, as well, for your endless support. We have a special community of families in our school. Although I’ve had the pleasure of teaching some of your children in my own classroom, the great majority of you I have gotten to know so much better through a variety of school events, settings and informal conversation. I cannot express enough how much I truly enjoy interacting with all of you on such a personal level.

Although it is difficult to say goodbye to all of the parents, it is incredibly difficult to not be a daily witness to the growth of each of your inspiring children. I have had the pleasure of getting to know each of them so much better since assuming this role at the school, watching them ascend towards middle school. Believe it or not, my first students at PS 198, back in 2004, are now entering their senior years of college. College! I am honored to still keep in touch with so many of them, and their families.

Please know that my dedication to the PS 198 community, and Nancy, will continue through the summer and into next year. There are many important initiatives that have been started over the last two years that I will work to ensure continue moving forward – “See you later,” is simply not in my DNA.

I look forward to staying in touch with so many of you. My family will continue to be in the neighborhood for a little while, as we navigate our transition thoughtfully, so I look forward to seeing many of you in the area!

My sincerest thanks, admiration and love for all of you continuing to make our school community a special place. I am humbled to have served all of you in my time at PS 198.

With love and great respect,

Anthony Bambrola

ALERT: The NYPD is Shutting Down the Schools Units in the Upper East and Upper West Sides

This September, the NYPD is rolling out an experiment in the Upper East and Upper West Sides of Manhattan which has the potential to put the safety of our kids at risk. They are eliminating the Schools Units and placing these officers on regular patrols, leaving just one youth officer at the precinct.

What is the Schools Unit?

Each police precinct has a unit of officers with expertise in dealing with children and child-related issues. These are not the School Safety Agents within your school, but actual Police Officers that are the first responders to emergencies in and around our schools. Additionally, they are the face of the NYPD to kids (and parents!) – they speak with them about safety issues, join school events and keep them safe over the summer at our parks and pools.

Why do we need a Schools Unit?

To get the best answer to this, talk with your principal and School Safety Agents; they will tell you how this directly impacts your school.

Reasons we need them include:

  • They have the desire and expertise to deal with children and their parents
  • They are the first responders to emergencies in and around any school in their precinct – public, private, charter, parochial – in the 19th precinct alone there are over 90 schools, and in the 20th there are more than 50
  • They are the primary community faces of the NYPD to our children
  • Frequently, the children that require help have recurring issues, and the Schools Officers often know these children and can diffuse the situation before it escalates
  • These officers have personal relationships with principals and school safety agents, and are often directly available via cell phone and text
  • They spend time working with children, parents and school staff to effectively resolve a situation – where a regular patrol team would be under pressure to return to the streets to tend to what is often a backlog of 911 calls
  • As police officers in a specialized unit, they have been trained to work with children – where regular patrol teams lack this training

Learn More About Schools Units

By filling out the information below, we’ll send an email to your elected representatives on your behalf.


School supply lists for 2015-16 are now available!

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