Sign up for new extended afterschool programs at PS198

We are pleased to announce PS 198’s Expanded After School Program for the Fall!

The fall semester will start the week of 9/28 and go until the end of the week of 1/18 (with the week of 1/25 reserved for make-ups). The semester is longer this year with some classes going until 5pm. Click here for program details and to register.

Please note that if registration is low, programs will be cancelled.

Please NOTE, there are some changes.
  • The Fall semester will start the week of 9/28 and go until the end of the week of 1/18 (with the week of 1/25 for make-ups).
  • There will be 2 semesters consisting of about 14- 15 weeks. (In the past we had 3 terms of about 12 weeks.)
  • Each individual company and program will be handling all communications and logistics including class cancellations.
  • Each program will be picking up your child at dismissal. If your child is dismissed from school at 2:15PM or 2:20PM, the program will be onsite at pick up.
  • Many of the programs have been extended until 5PM or have created programs that enable families to choose one program from 2:30PM-330PM and their program from 3:30PM-5PM
  • Dismissal and pick up will be handled by each individual program. At this time, the PTA does not anticipate having staff on-site. If you have questions regarding a specific program, please reach out to that program directly. Each program requests that you pick up your child ON TIME.
  • Please note that children enrolled in an After School Program must abide by the NYC Discipline Code and each company’s own Code of Conduct that governs students’ behavior and may be removed from an After School program, without refund, if their conduct violates the Discipline Code.
  • If you sign your child up for one program and they need to be dismissed to another program at school, a written note must be provided to each organization.
  • Unless your child is signed up for After School between 2:30PM to 3:30PM, there will be no supervision from dismissal until the 3:30PM to 5:00PM session begins.
  • Many of the programs offer payment plans, should you be interested in staggering your payments.
  • The process for signing up your child for Beacon has not changed and is separate from the PS198 After School Program. If your child is enrolled in Beacon and signs up for a PS 198 After School Program, the After School Program must be notified that your child should be dismissed to Beacon.
  • The After School Committee needs your help. To volunteer, email
  • All children enrolled in the After School Program should have fun, we ask that you please speak to your child before enrolling them in any program.

Don’t Forget About the Summer Reading Challenge

Students are encouraged to read as much as they can this summer: old favorites, new challenges, fun magazines… anything they like! Just have your child log their reading in each night and turn the logs in to the PS 198 Summer Reading Program in the fall for a special recognition of their efforts!

If you need another book log, click here.

A Message from Phil

Hello my wonderful families!

As the dust settles from the end of the school year, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all.

We had a very successful year.

Quickly, here is a list of our accomplishments:

  • new office
  • new event – Halloween Party
  • new “healthy” menu
  • landscaping inner-courtyard
  • new website
  • new “weekly” email
  • new record at Spring Auction ($30k)
  • new record in the Annual Fund ($52k) 

That above….is amazing!

The PTA’s success is directly tied to you and your contributions; in money and time.

In June we reached a point in our Annual Fund so that we will be able to help ALL five of our specialist teachers (Art, Music, Science, Gym & Technology). Each of them, for the very FIRST time, will be given a budget of $2k each!  

By helping enrich our specialists’ curriculum, we will be enriching our students even further.


Now my PTA/EB TEAM can’t go unforgotten in all this. Between them and our dedicated volunteers, this year has been a joy in hitting new strides.

I also want to take a moment and say thank you to Don Malter for helping this past year as President and to introduce you all to Knar Sokola who will be taking his place.

Knar has been with us a few years and has been the mastermind of the Spring Carnival and International Night and so I’m very excited to have her on board.

Well my friends, that is all.

I wish you a wonderful summer.

In a few weeks, we will start the PTA gears again for this coming year. So be on the lookout….;)